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[Vote] Rulzpack ETC 2018 - Deadline le 28 janvier 23h



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[Vote] Rulzpack ETC 2018 - Deadline le 28 janvier 23h

Message par throst le Mar 16 Jan - 10:25

Le vote pour le rulzpack 2018 est tombé, il n'y a plus qu'à !

SECTION 1: ETC Rulespack votes
Question1: Do we change the proceedings at the start of the game , rolling off for sides rather than choosing sides?
A. Yes, change the proceedings to include a roll-off for sides after placing objectives
B. No, keep it so the player who placed the last objective picks side

Question2: Do you want to have a roll to seize or do you want to discard that roll?
A. Yes, keep the roll to seize
B. No, remove the roll to seize

Question3: If 2B is chosen do you want seize the initiative to be removed ?
A. All the time
B. Only if question 1 goes with majority A option

Question4: Would you like to see No Mercy(kill points) as a freestanding mission or incorporated into every mission? (Please vote for all the options, for example A>C>B or C>A=B)
A - Freestanding
B - Incorporated into every mission as a "kill points differential"
C - Do not use Killpoints or No Mercy in any mission

Queston5: At what limit would you like this differential if Q4-B is voted for?
A - 6 pts total
B - 8 pts total

Question6: Should forgeworld indexes and codices be allowed in ETC?
A. Yes
B. No

Question7: Do we use flowchart from Designer's Commentary? (Please vote for all the options, for example A>C>B or C>A=B)
A - Yes, use index freely.
B - Yes, but only wargear.
C - No, when a codex is released their index options become invalid.

SECTION 2: Issues with ETC Organisation Implications
Question8: Do we keep the table layout as in past ETC's, with 2 tables being dense, 4 mediocre filled tables, and 2 light tables per row, or do we apply a more even distribution of terrain?
A. Keep the 2/4/2 rule to give a distinctive advantage to defenders being able to choose their tables
B. Distribute terrain more evenly to give every game more balance and options

Question9: If 2B was chosen, how do you want terrain to be distributed?
A. Every table approximately just as dense with just as many losblock
B. Every table to feature losblock of some kind but some tables more than others to keep defenders table choice valid

SECTION 3: ETC Army Comp
Question10: Can detachments be duplicated within a player's army list? (Please vote for all the options, for example A>C>B or C>A=B)
A - Yes all detachments can be freely duplicated
B - Yes, but only the 3 "core" detachments (patrol, battalion, brigade) can be duplicated.
C - Not a single detachment can be duplicated within an army

Question11: Do we limit the usage of the number of detachments at the ETC?
A. Yes
B. No

Question12: What number of detachments? (Please vote for all the options, for example A>C>B or C>A=B)
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4

Question13: Do we want to limit the usage of the datasheets with the same name to 3 per army/player?
(This would mean you could ever list 3 primaris psykers, 3 daemon princes, 3 infantry squads, 3 wave serpents, ... in a given army list of the player)
(The limit would also include units that has different options in different books but the same name such as assault squads or demon princes)
A. Yes
B. No

Question14: If Q13-A is chosen; Should troop choices be included in the limitations on datasheets?
A - Yes, the limit should apply to troops
B - No, the limit should not apply to troops

Question15: What do we do with factions like the ASTRA TELEPATHICA from the Index. They are tied into an army that now has a standalone codex. Do we keep on using them as a seperate faction for ETC purposes?
A. Yes, they can be used as a seperate faction
B. No, they cannot be used as a seperate faction

The vote will end on 29th of January 23:59 CET.

Comme pour les autres votes, 1 voix par team. J'ai mis une date de fin de vote différente de celle de fin du vote officiel pour qu'on ait le temps de vérifier les comptages et de poster.
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